• Join us for a Funspiel

    Sorry for any inconvenience we are going to reschedule this. Please watch here for a future date.

    Ages 10 & up

    Cost: $25

    No experience necessary!

    Come and join us for a day of fun and fellowship. Brooms and sliders are available at the curling club so come with a clean pair of shoes and ready for a fun day.


    Questions? Contact Laura-Marie Elgersma 403-501-9382


    Proof of vaccination is required per curling club policy.

  • Middle Schoolers and Confirmands

    January 30


    Join us at McNamara's for some skating fun! Bring your family and skates as they have an outdoor rink. 

    Grab your outdoor gear, bring some snacks and be ready to have some fun.

    PLEASE NOTE the change in DATE and LOCATION.

  • Tuesday Night Study

    Starting January 25th at 6:30pm

    This is an important and accessible primer to Christianity that every American Christian should read without delay. Pr. Wolfmueller explains the historical trends that have derailed American Christianity from trusting in the promises of God, and restores the good news of life and hope in Christ to those who find their souls murdered by popular errors.  Pr. Wolfmueller teaches us about God, about the scriptures, and about what God has accomplished for us through Christ Jesus. Pr. Wolfmeuller teaches us how the errors of revivalism, pietism, mysticism, and enthusiasm steal away our hope and trust in a God who is mighty to save.

    The study is based on the book by the same name written by Bryan Wolfmueller and facilitated by Pastor Maggie Theiss.

    Books are available through the office for $20 or at Amazon.