• February 5 following Worship

    Our 2022 annual meeting will be following Worship. We will be approving the reports for 2022 as well as going over the budget and voting on the motions that will be put forward by council. Wondering if you are a voting member please talk to Joey at the office. See you there.

    Please note the Annual Report will be out to be picked up Sunday January 22.

  • February 21


    Breakfast for supper? Yes please. Our men will be whipping up pancakes for all. Everyone is welcome for this free pancake breakfast.

    Men if you are able to help come at 4:00pm with your grill if you have one. Talk to Mark if you have any questions.

    There will be free-will offering.

  • February 22


    Join us for Ash Wednesday Worship service with the imposition of ashes to start off the Lenten season. This service will be in-person only.

  • Mondays at 6:30pm

    Being Lutheran …

    There are many different Christian denominations. There are doctrinal differences between them. What are the differences? There are important reasons – biblical reasons – why Lutherans are Lutheran and not another denomination within the realm of Christendom.

    What are those reasons? What does God’s Word teach? Why do we worship the way that we do? What does it mean to be a member of a Lutheran Church? What is our confession of faith?

    Come engage in these questions and dig into God’s Word to find out why we believe what we believe.

    What to expect?

    Expect JESUS. Expect honesty. Expect theology. Expect history. Expect people – real people living each day following Jesus.

    We will explore the core characteristics of being a Lutheran Christian and gain a better understanding of how Lutheran theology is unique. Being Lutheran is more about a ‘who’ than a ‘what’. 

    All are welcome.