Agapes women's study

Starting Sept 11 @ 9:30 am


Sip, Savor and Drink Deeply

by Deb Burma


Jesus invites us to rest in Him. Just imagine what He has in store for us as we meet Him with our “cup”—our self—a vessel created and chosen by God, redeemed in Christ, and ready to be filled for His purpose.


Time spent in Bible study will fill you to the brim and beyond with God’s Good News. Sip, savor, and drink deeply from His Word. Receive the outpouring of His grace, His joy, and His peace.  

Please join us!

Secret Sister

Prayer Program

Members of the church participate in this ministry of caring and sharing with other sisters in Christ. Participants are given a ‘sister’ to pray for and encourage through sending a note or card from time to time, and remembering her on her special occasions such as her birthday, anniversary or special landmarks in her life. These ‘sisters’ are kept in secret until the end of the program year, when the ‘sister’ is revealed at a dinner outing. This is a ministry of caring & nurturing for each other as we remember our Secret Sister throughout the year. 

The mandate for this program is to have fun and get to know fellow sisters in Christ. You can be the instrument that God has placed in this person’s life to give them the encouragement they need right when they need it. Praying daily for your sister will strengthen you and the rewards can be immeasurable.


Beautiful quilts are made and given locally to fire victims, Cantara Safe Home, and new families to Canada. Quilts are also sent to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) which will send them to countries in need, the Mustard Seed for the homeless in Calgary, and Inn from the Cold for homeless families in Calgary.

Visitation Group

(Sunshine Group)

The purpose of this group is regular social – home visitation to shut-ins, seniors, and disabled who live at home including the villas. Coordinators set up visitors and individuals to be visited, phone visiting teams monthly to let them know who they are to visit, and coordinate other activities of the group. The visitors, working in teams of 2, will dedicate 3-4 hours per month to this group to do a social visit, and will rotate monthly to visit new people

The visiting group and coordinators meet regularly with the Pastor to share experiences and to voice concerns or problems.

other women's ministry projects

-The collection of used eyeglasses

        (a collection box is on the bottom shelf of the Portable Bulletin Board)

- The collection of stamps for the Canadian Bible Society

       (leave a ’ border around the stamp)

       (a collection box is on the bottom shelf of the Portable Bulletin Board)

- Martha Ministries, which involves preparing food to be distributed to those connected to Trinity who have experience illness or hospitalization.

- Baptismal Banners are created and presented at the time of the baptism for all newly baptized members of Trinity.